Frequently Asked Questions


1)      I want to order more than one product, will my shipping cost extra?

        Answer: No – our shipping rates are the same no matter what you purchase


2)      What if I am out when my items are delivered?

          Answer: Our courier will let you know how to arrange redelivery or where to go to collect your items


Seed Packets:

3)      I can’t see the design I would like, can you help me?

        Answer: Yes, please contact us with your ideas and we will do all we can to assist you


4)      I want a different type of seeds, can you accommodate this?

         Answer: Yes usually we can, just let us know what you’d like



5)      What flowers are in your mixes?

         Answer: There are a range of flowers including roses, delphinium, sunflowers and hydrangea


6)      Can you tailor a mix to fit in with my colour scheme?

        Answer: Of course, if none of the mixes available in the shop are suitable let us know and we will mix something bespoke for no extra charge


7)      I don’t know how much to order?

        Answer: 1 litre of confetti is about 10 handfuls for throwing.  Usually it’s only the ladies who throw so look to buy enough for about half your guests.  If using as a table decoration, 1 litre will cover about 5 average sized tables


8)      How should I store my confetti?

        Answer: Store your confetti somewhere cool and dark to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.  It should last well for up to a year


Confetti Cones:

9)      I don’t know how many to order?

        Answer: Usually only the ladies throw, so order for about half the number of guests you have coming


10)     I want confetti without the cones, is this ok?

        Answer: Of course, all our products can be ordered independently of one another


11)     How should I give out my confetti to guests?

        Answer: Leave your confetti out somewhere obvious for your guests to pick up as they leave the ceremony, a little table with the cones in a basket, wooden crate or old leather suitcase look lovely and rustic.  Don’t forget to ask someone to take a photo of that confetti moment!


12)     Are the flat pack cones easy to put together?

        Answer: Very easy, they have double sided tape already attached so all you need to do is peel the backing sheet off and curl the paper around to form the cone shape


General Questions:

13)     We are a shop, do you offer trade prices?

         Answer: Yes we do, please contact us for a price list