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We hope you enjoy reading our hints and tips and of course, all about our lovely real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets :)

By rekeeley, Dec 30 2015 08:50AM

The cost of your big day floristry can creep up to around 10% of the entire budget which can be a significant chunk when the average cost of a wedding can be upwards of £20k. Here at Natural Favours HQ we are strong believers that it is perfectly possible to have the day of your dreams without the hefty price tag. If you’re feeling a little bit creative and a lot savvy, then DIY wedding flowers could be the way to go!

Here are our 7 handy hints and tips on how to save on money but not on the quality of your wedding floristry.

1. Plan! Probably the most important point. Think about the type of arrangements you want, how many you might need, what sort of vases you’re using and what flowers are in season. Your chosen flower supplier should be able to help answer all these questions if you aren’t sure

2. Be realistic! If you want an intricate floral arch or complicated structured arrangements then maybe going DIY isn’t for you. If you want something natural, rustic and relaxed then it’s the perfect solution!

3. Be confident! Creating your own wedding flowers is a lovely way of putting a unique stamp on your day and is something you can look back on and be really proud of. If the thought of it all is still a bit overwhelming, you might want to ask your supplier to make your bouquets and buttonholes but leave the venue decorations to you

4. Volunteers! Gather a few willing friends or family members to help, the more you have the less time it will take to make your arrangements. If you’re using jam jars or old bottles as part of your display, ask them to help you collect them over the weeks running up to your big day

5. Research! Creating effective arrangements, bouquets and buttonholes is not as difficult as you might think. For extra help you could attend one of the many floral workshops that are out there, some offer specific courses for DIY brides. There is a wealth of information online that you can also utilise, from videos to articles, that take you step-by-step through creating everything from gorgeous hand-tied bouquets to perfect jam jar posies

6. Practise! Buy a couple of bunches of cheap flowers from your local supermarket or pick some from the garden and have a play!

7. Timing! We advise making your floral arrangements the day before the wedding, so arrange for delivery of your flowers accordingly. Ask a couple of your volunteers to get them to the venue so you can relax on your big day

By rekeeley, Oct 10 2015 06:00AM

Here at Natural Favours HQ we LOVE flowers (if you hadn't noticed). Once upon a time, Mr NF would pop home from the supermarket with a bunch of cheap & cheerful flowers happily tucked under his arm & they'd brighten up our lounge for the next few days before making their shrivelled way onto the compost heap.

But I started thinking, where do these flowers come from? How many miles have they travelled? How are they grown? Are they covered in harmful pesticides?

We grow many of our natural confetti flowers here, the rest we get from other British growers. This year we have also started to supply beautiful DIY flowers for weddings & events. Since doing this we have noticed how bee and butterfly friendly Natural Favours HQ has become. We're passionate about making our little patch of green as wildlife friendly as possible.

By choosing British flowers you opt for zero air miles, seasonal non-intensive growing, habitat to support native bees & butterflies, beautiful flowers you can't find at the florists & support for small businesses in a local economy. Some flowers can't be grown all year long which is why the seasons dictate which flowers we supply as part of our DIY flower service. If you're desperate to have roses in December or hydrangeas in May, we are members of our local flower market so can usually source your bloom of choice. However, we'd always encourage a seasonal selection where possible & recommend a beautiful British alternative.

For details of our service please pop over to www.naturalfavours.com

By rekeeley, Jul 10 2015 07:15AM

Today marks exactly a year since we sold our 1st ever batch of natural confetti, and since that day we have grown a happy following of friends, customers, partners and likers. We wanted to mark this anniversary by bringing something new and exciting to our business. Here at Natural Favours HQ we are lucky to have a fantastic space to grow. Couple this with a love for all things floral and the perfect answer was revealed – DIY flowers!

Many people are trying to bring something more relaxed and homemade to their weddings and events, it’s a great money saver and also allows you to put your own unique stamp on proceedings. We want to give you the opportunity to purchase flowers from us for your wedding or event that you can take away and arrange yourself. We’ll provide seasonal home-grown blooms and supplement these with flowers from trusted growers where necessary (sadly we can’t grow much here in winter).

As you may know from previous blog entries, one of our lovely friends has asked us to help her with growing her wedding flowers this year for an August wedding. Hopefully we will have lots of fantastic photos and ideas to share with you from what promises to be an amazing outdoor wedding weekend!

We’re based in sunny Derbyshire. You can come and collect your blooms from us directly at an arranged time or ask us to deliver locally. Hey, we can even hire out our vintage glass jars and groovy watering can for you to arrange your flowers in for a beautifully rustic look!

They’ll be more information on our website very soon with a list of options and guide prices. If you just can’t wait until then, please drop us an email with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

By rekeeley, Nov 30 2014 06:23PM

Next up in our Wedding Expert series of guest blogs comes from the multi-award winning Tineke Floral Design in Derbyshire. Tineke have just been awarded the East Midlands best wedding florist for the 4th consecutive year which is true testament to their skills and expertise. Owner Kerry has very kindly taken time out of her hectic schedule to offer up some invaluable advice to all those future couples who are on the look for a wedding flower advice. Whether you are hunting for your perfect florist or tips on DIY floristry, Kerry has some great advice to offer.

1. Please tell us a little about your business, how you got started and why?

I have been interested in flowers since the age of just 11 years old, which gives me over 20 years experience in the floristry world. I absolutely adore flowers, and love creating new designs for weddings. We are currently based in Hulland Ward near Ashbourne, and were in Matlock and Sutton in Ashfield before then, constantly growing.

2. Please try and describe the style of Tineke Floral Designs in 3 words

Timeless, elegant, romantic

3. What kind of floristry services do you offer?

We specialise in wedding flowers, and can offer everything from the buttonhole, bouquets to full venue styling. We also have Tineke flower school, offering interactive flower workshops.

4. What are your own favourite flowers?

Hydrangeas, peonies and stocks – gorgeous!

5. What has been your favourite wedding or event to work on and why?

Any wedding that features my favourite flowers! The highlight of 2014 has to be providing the wedding flowers for Rebecca Adlington and Harry Needs gorgeous wedding featured in Hello! magazine – front cover too!

6. What are the most important things to consider when selecting your florist?

Definitely experience, knowledge and proof of previous work, wedding flowers can be extremely hard work, caring for them from them arriving to the workshop to delivery on the wedding morning.

7. What questions should you always ask your florist before you book them?

Have they worked at your venue before? Do they have a contingency plan in case the head florist is ill or unable to work?

8. Any tips for brides wanting to try DIY flowers for their wedding?

Practice practice practice! Even I will practice something before a wedding if its something unusual of different.

You can contact Tineke through their website www.tinekefloraldesigns.co.uk or find them on Facebook and Twitter by searching "Tineke"

By rekeeley, Oct 10 2014 01:08PM

If you were to list the top 5 elements you couldn’t do without on your wedding day, we think the flowers would be up there. The importance of the bride’s bouquet goes without saying, but don’t forget the bridesmaids posies, groomsmen’s buttonholes, flowergirl petals, venue decorations and even “thank you” flowers.

All of this mounts up to what can be a huge chunk of your wedding budget. Rather than go without or scrimp on the quality, have you ever considered DIY flowers? There are many British growers out there who are offering this kind of service. Basically, you can either pop out to a flower farm and cut your own (just think of summer strawberry picking farms but with flowers instead) or they will pick them for you and send them out for you to arrange yourself. This reduces the cost to you tremendously, and with a few creative friends and family the night before the big day you could have beautifully rustic jam jar posies galore adourning your venue.

We are going one step further and helping a good friend to grow her own wedding flowers for August 2015. Provided you have the space and time there is no reason why you too couldn’t give it a go. We will provide regular blog updates here on our progress, alongwith tips for each month as to what you should be doing. The key to success is research and planning.

This winter we will be ordering old English roses that should arrive in December as bare root stock. We have already ordered dahlia tubers that will be delivered in February for planting after the risk of frost has passed.

You may think thing that all the sowing and planting would be done in Spring, but actually we have already started planting and sowing seeds this year. Plant biennials in the late summer in the year before you need them, this tricks the plant into flowering in its first full summer. We’ve planted up foxgloves in this manner, but you can also try sweet William and astrantia too. Hardy annuals directly sown into flowerbeds in Sept/Oct time establish themselves now and create healthy, strong plants come Spring. Go for things like delphinium, cornflower, calendula and ammi majus to name but a few. We also use our delphinium crop for our real flower petal confetti which you could try as well if you manage to grow enough.

What you plant now should flower nice and early in the season. You want as long a cutting season as possible, so plant the same things again as well as your half-hardy annuals come Spring and these will flower later thus giving you a long growing window.

Of course there are bulbs galore to choose from too and most of these will need planting in the winter before you need them. We’ve selected ranunculus for their beautiful peony-like flowers and freesias (athough these won’t be planted until next year after the frost risk has passed) for their fantastic scent.

The most important thing is to give it a go, experiment and have fun. We are lucky in that our bride is nice and relaxed and the whole wedding will have a chilled out village fete vibe. Yes we feel the pressure to produce something beautiful, but with so many fantastic growers out there, there’s always a fallback!

Please check back regularly to see our progress. Do also check out some where we got some of our seed from; the lovely Higgeldy Garden www.higgledygarden.com and fabulous Sarah Raven www.sarahraven.com who both offer great choice and advice.

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