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We hope you enjoy reading our hints and tips and of course, all about our lovely real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets :)

By rekeeley, Jan 21 2016 08:30AM

When Sami Tipi invited us to be part of the opening weekend of their brand new venue at Cuttle Brook in Derbyshire we jumped at the chance to work alongside this group of amazing local suppliers. Cuttle Brook is a stunning riverside location, perfect for an outdoor tipi wedding full of natural beauty.

We created a fun vintage style confetti bar for the event using a rustic French apple crate and range of Le Parfait jars. Guests take a mini basket or confetti cone and fill with a selection of natural confetti of their choice. The outcome is a rainbow mix of confetti that will generate some truly amazing and striking wedding photographs of the all important confetti moment!

To create your own confetti bar is easy! We have a range of Le Parfait jars available for hire and can advise you on a suitable selection of natural confetti to fill them with depending on the number of guests attending, just contact us with your requirements

By rekeeley, Jan 12 2016 08:15AM

At the end of 2015, we were lucky enough to play a very small part in a beautifully styled winter wedding shoot organised by the fabulous And So To Wed. We sent over some of our white natural confetti and were absolutely thrilled to see the shots that came back.

Our white natural flower petal confetti fit into the winter theme perfectly, looking like gently falling snow. With beautiful styling from Pamela Dunn Weddings in the homely elegance of Riverside Events in Yorkshire, a group of talented suppliers put together a magical styled shoot of handmade items to inspire and motivate all those engaged couples out there. Pop over to andsotowed.com for more images captured by Claire Basiuk.

We can provide a huge range of natural confetti colours, much of which is grown here by us in Derbyshire. Simply let us know your requirements and we'll put a mix together to suit.

By rekeeley, May 8 2015 12:58PM

You may remember from an earlier blog post last year that we are helping a friend who is getting married in August by growing all the flowers for her wedding. This is quite a challenge for us as we haven’t done anything on this scale before - buttonholes, bouquets, jam jar posies, the lot eek!

The groundwork was done at the start of the year to build the raised beds here at Natural Favours HQ, and we have started to sow the seeds for our cut-flower beds. Much to the annoyance of Mr Natural Favours, the windowsills are crowded with my little green leafy babies! We’re using lot of classic country garden flowers for this relaxed outdoor marquee wedding. Think beautifully scented sweetpeas and stocks, old fashioned dahlias, heavenly gypsophila and vibrant cosmos. If it all comes together at the right time it promises to be spectacular!

Some of our flowers will be blooming early, so to share the love we’d thought we’d offer them up for some lucky Derbyshire locals! We’re really excited to have our first ever stand at this year’s Belper Goes Green Festival on 30th May 2015 at Belper Rugby Club where we will have for sale jam jar posies. At this time of year our spring plants will be out in force, so lots of bluebells and aquilegia on offer. We’ll also have our fab real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets for sale direct for the first time. If you’re in the area please pop down and say hello!

Stay tuned for further updates on our DIY Wedding flower growing results!

By rekeeley, Oct 10 2014 01:08PM

If you were to list the top 5 elements you couldn’t do without on your wedding day, we think the flowers would be up there. The importance of the bride’s bouquet goes without saying, but don’t forget the bridesmaids posies, groomsmen’s buttonholes, flowergirl petals, venue decorations and even “thank you” flowers.

All of this mounts up to what can be a huge chunk of your wedding budget. Rather than go without or scrimp on the quality, have you ever considered DIY flowers? There are many British growers out there who are offering this kind of service. Basically, you can either pop out to a flower farm and cut your own (just think of summer strawberry picking farms but with flowers instead) or they will pick them for you and send them out for you to arrange yourself. This reduces the cost to you tremendously, and with a few creative friends and family the night before the big day you could have beautifully rustic jam jar posies galore adourning your venue.

We are going one step further and helping a good friend to grow her own wedding flowers for August 2015. Provided you have the space and time there is no reason why you too couldn’t give it a go. We will provide regular blog updates here on our progress, alongwith tips for each month as to what you should be doing. The key to success is research and planning.

This winter we will be ordering old English roses that should arrive in December as bare root stock. We have already ordered dahlia tubers that will be delivered in February for planting after the risk of frost has passed.

You may think thing that all the sowing and planting would be done in Spring, but actually we have already started planting and sowing seeds this year. Plant biennials in the late summer in the year before you need them, this tricks the plant into flowering in its first full summer. We’ve planted up foxgloves in this manner, but you can also try sweet William and astrantia too. Hardy annuals directly sown into flowerbeds in Sept/Oct time establish themselves now and create healthy, strong plants come Spring. Go for things like delphinium, cornflower, calendula and ammi majus to name but a few. We also use our delphinium crop for our real flower petal confetti which you could try as well if you manage to grow enough.

What you plant now should flower nice and early in the season. You want as long a cutting season as possible, so plant the same things again as well as your half-hardy annuals come Spring and these will flower later thus giving you a long growing window.

Of course there are bulbs galore to choose from too and most of these will need planting in the winter before you need them. We’ve selected ranunculus for their beautiful peony-like flowers and freesias (athough these won’t be planted until next year after the frost risk has passed) for their fantastic scent.

The most important thing is to give it a go, experiment and have fun. We are lucky in that our bride is nice and relaxed and the whole wedding will have a chilled out village fete vibe. Yes we feel the pressure to produce something beautiful, but with so many fantastic growers out there, there’s always a fallback!

Please check back regularly to see our progress. Do also check out some where we got some of our seed from; the lovely Higgeldy Garden www.higgledygarden.com and fabulous Sarah Raven www.sarahraven.com who both offer great choice and advice.

By rekeeley, Sep 18 2014 08:00AM

We all know weddings can be expensive affairs. Everyone wants a piece of that wedding pie. Here at Natural Favours we know that sometimes, money is tight and things need to be done on a budget. However, that shouldn’t mean sacrificing on the quality of items you use or being unable to see your dream wedding realised. You’ve just got to be savvy!

In last week’s blog update we discussed how you can make your own real flower petal confetti. There are lots of homemade ideas like these you could try to save money on all those little things that soon add up. Our wildflower seed wedding favours are a great money saver. Not only do they make a fantastic wedding favour for your guests to keep and enjoy for months to come, but they also double up as a place setter. Simply add the name of your guest to the envelope and voila, a beautiful, unique and personalised wedding favour and place setter in one.

Want to go a step further? If you are crafty or have friends and family who are, why not ask them to help you with making some homemade decorations like bunting from cheap or free fabric scraps. Start to trawl charity shops for decorative items like old books, vases, leather suitcases and china. If you are clever you could bag yourself some real bargains.

We are lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding in August 2015 where the bride and groom have even decided to do away with the traditional cake. Instead, guests will be invited to bake something themselves and bring it along. A brilliant idea to save hundreds but also to get the guests really involved in the day.

Another idea to try is combining items so you only pay once. We went to a wedding in June which was held in the afternoon. Instead of paying for a wedding breakfast and supper in the evening, all guests to both the daytime and evening parties enjoyed just one buffet style meal in the early evening. It worked well and with a few nibbles to graze on after the ceremony nobody noticed anything different.

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