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Why Choose British Flowers?

By rekeeley, Oct 10 2015 06:00AM

Here at Natural Favours HQ we LOVE flowers (if you hadn't noticed). Once upon a time, Mr NF would pop home from the supermarket with a bunch of cheap & cheerful flowers happily tucked under his arm & they'd brighten up our lounge for the next few days before making their shrivelled way onto the compost heap.

But I started thinking, where do these flowers come from? How many miles have they travelled? How are they grown? Are they covered in harmful pesticides?

We grow many of our natural confetti flowers here, the rest we get from other British growers. This year we have also started to supply beautiful DIY flowers for weddings & events. Since doing this we have noticed how bee and butterfly friendly Natural Favours HQ has become. We're passionate about making our little patch of green as wildlife friendly as possible.

By choosing British flowers you opt for zero air miles, seasonal non-intensive growing, habitat to support native bees & butterflies, beautiful flowers you can't find at the florists & support for small businesses in a local economy. Some flowers can't be grown all year long which is why the seasons dictate which flowers we supply as part of our DIY flower service. If you're desperate to have roses in December or hydrangeas in May, we are members of our local flower market so can usually source your bloom of choice. However, we'd always encourage a seasonal selection where possible & recommend a beautiful British alternative.

For details of our service please pop over to www.naturalfavours.com

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