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We hope you enjoy reading our hints and tips and of course, all about our lovely real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets :)

By rekeeley, Dec 16 2018 05:45PM

We are very excited to be able to offer a brand new range of eco firelighters to our online and Etsy shops. We have a festive pine cone range for Christmas fireplaces and also a selection for prosecco and wine lovers made from re-used corks. New designs are on the way for 2019 so please watch this space for further updates. Get those cosy fires burning the natural way. Check out the shop to see more!

By rekeeley, Jul 21 2016 01:57PM

We've had a lovely but busy summer here at Natural Favours HQ so far this year. Although the summer was a little slow to get going for our cutting garden, everything is now in full swing with wedding flowers and confetti petals growing gloriously. Some of our recent orders were to share with you were the weddings of 2 lovely couples who got married in Derbyshire. We provided diy flower buckets, buttonholes, corsages, bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets and natural confetti. I can't wait to see the professional photographs but in the meantime here are a few that I snapped.

By rekeeley, May 17 2016 02:22PM

Just a quick update to announce that we are now an official seller over on Etsy! This Etsy store is in addition to our own own shop here, but will have one or two items that are exclusive to Etsy. Our shop here will continue to focus on gorgeous wedding items including natural confetti and seed paper whereas over on Etsy we will also have lots of customisable wildflower seed packets and other delights specifically for birthdays, thank yous and more. Please pop over to take a look and see what we have on offer at Etsy by visiting the link off the homepage or by putting naturalfavours.etsy.com into your web browser. We will be adding more and more stock to Etsy as time goes on and some of this will be seasonal in time for Father's Day, Mother's Day and other key events. Please do pop back from time to time and see what's new.

By rekeeley, Feb 23 2016 08:00AM

Derbyshire DIY Flowers
Derbyshire DIY Flowers

We're really proud to be a new Seedling member of Flowers from the Farm, a network of British flower growers. This is such a great network of growers across the country who are working hard to publicise the beauty we have in flowers grown here in the UK. When choosing British grown flowers not only do you avoid all those air miles, but you also support a local business which is great for our local economy. British flowers are also great for our wildlife, providing a food source for our bees and butterflies.

Here at Natural Favours we grow seasonal DIY flowers for weddings and events for Derbyshire and surrounding areas. We only grow for a small number of events each year, so please contact us withyour enquiries and we will endeavour to help create the wildflower wedding of your dreams!

By rekeeley, Feb 12 2016 06:08PM

Here at Natural Favours HQ we have worked really hard to create a garden that is as friendly to wildlife as possible. We grow our DIY wedding flowers and natural confetti petals in as natural a way as possible and avoid the use of chemical nasties that can be harmful to bees, butterflies and other creatures.

Natural Favours HQ is on a hill, so getting a lawn mower around is literally an uphill struggle! We decided that we wanted more "wild" areas, places where nature could take over and our input would be minimal. To achieve this whilst at the same time reducing the area of homogenous lawn to mow, we decided to create our own mini wildflower meadow! If you want to do the same, just follow my simple steps below;

Our Wildflower Patch Before & After
Our Wildflower Patch Before & After

1) Select a suitable area - somewhere that gets a fair amount of sun is best

2) Prepare the area - we chose an area of lawn and so had to clear the turf to reveal the soil beneath. Although this was hard work, the results were worth it

3) Don't add fertiliser - as a rule wildflowers like poor soil, so keep it simple

3) Select your seeds - we chose a mix that contained both grasses and flowers for a lovely meadow effect, it had ox-eye daisies, bird's foot trefoil, crested dog's tail and quaking grass to name but a few

4) Depending upon the mix you choose will depend upon when you sow them so check the instructions. We sowed ours on the surface and then just walked over them to tread them in as opposed to burying them in soil as ours needed light to germinate

5) Protect your seeds - birds like seeds so protect them, we covered the area with netting which did the trick

6) Be patient - the first years growth may be sparse as the seeds establish. However, by the second year our patch was looking amazing and it was so worth the wait

7) Management - each year I leave my patch to it, if it gets a bit long I may give it an early cut in spring but generally I leave it to it's own devices and just cut it in late summer once most of the seeds have set. You must remove the arisings to ensure the wildflower patch doesn't get too many nutrients, remember, wildflowers like poor soil

You can create your own mini wildflower patch or pot with much less effort with our wildflower seed favours! Each packet comes with full growing instruction. Check out naturalfavours.com/shop for the full range

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